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An overnighter on the beautiful island Poel

High temperatures and two free days – this was a great opportunity to do a microadventure. Andreas and I chose Poel as our destination. Poel is a small island in the baltic sea close to where I live (Lübeck). The route had already been planned so we only needed to pack our stuff.

About noon, we were cycling. Sunshine, up to 30°C, this is what summer should be like. My route led us through many small beautiful roads. There were almost no cars.

Fantastic weather and beautiful roads
I also included some roads that increased the adventure factor 😉 They slowed us down a lot.
Beside cycling, I trained flying 😉
Another nice road…
This path was no fun… 😀
Finally, we arrived on the island Poel.

Here we bought some food and ate a bread roll with fish

Poel also has a beautiful small harbour.
We found a quiet beach…
…and enjoyed the sunset.
With a beer! 🙂

The baltic sea was untypically smooth. There was no wind. Unfortunately this led to thousands of mosquitos trying to eat us 😀 I put on my rain clothes to save myself. Fortunately I brought a bit mosquito spray with me. So everything was okay.

While we were looking for constellations the mosquitos slowly disappeared. Later we unpacked our mats and bivvys and went to sleep.

The route on strava: day 1

The bikes at night at the beach

Somewhen in the early morning Andreas got up and took a photo. By the way, the green heap is me 😀

The dawn at the beach of Poel

Some hours later I also crawled out of the bivvy.

A selfie while I was waking up 😀

Afterwards we went into the cool water. It felt really good.

Swimming in the baltic sea in the morning 🙂

Later we went back to Lübeck. The route lead us along the coast. This meant a lot of tourists. We did a slalom around them. I missed the quiet roads of the day before. Fortunately my bell is really loud.

At least we found really good ice cream.

Due to our curiosity we ended up in a singletrail. It was not really suitable for roadbikes but it was fun 😀

The singletrail
Another beach…

In the evening we arrived in Lübeck. A nice unhurried tour came to an end. We definitely did not regret choosing Poel. If you go there one day remember that tarps or tents are not allowed. But a bivvy is okay. So you have to hope for good weather to sleep at the beach 🙂

The route on strava: day 2

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