This year I took part in the Transcontinental Race, a 4000 km long bike race from Belgium to Greece. The clock never stops, you don’t have any support and you have to choose your own route to the checkpoints. I never knew where and how long I would sleep the coming night. I went to many countries I had never been to before. Where I did not know what to expect.

Unfortunately, I got bad neck problems the day before checkpoint 1 and had to do many short brakes and later a long one. Only with a lot of sleep deprivation I made it to checkpoint 2 in Slovenia in time. Shortly after that I was even falling asleep while standing so I decided I needed to have a long brake instead of several naps. This meant that I wouldn’t make it to CP3 in time. I decided to scratch, take a shortcut and do my own tour to Meteora. So I stopped racing and started touring. Somewhen I had to hurry up to make it to the finishers party in time, that takes place after 16 days. I stopped riding 15 kilometers before the finish line because I was too scared of the dogs and did not want to ride any further. I probably got chased by much more than 100 dogs while making my way through Europe. I arrived at the finish line in the late morning after I finally decided to get on my bike again.

There are some days I almost don’t remember and others I could ride a book about. I remember many things where I don’t remember when they happened. So writing about my almost 3000 kilometers from Geraardsbergen to Meteora would be really difficult and time consuming. Maybe I will write about it later…much later.

But somehow, I would love to write about my experiences. I just don’t know where to start. So here is my offer to you: Write me your questions (German or English) and I will try to answer most of them. What do you want to know?

I am curious about what you are mostly interested in.

You can find my route and many photos here:

Part 1

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Part 3

Part 4